We offer a fantastic range of Land Rover bad credit car lease deals, available for delivery all over the United Kingdom.

We have some of the best bad credit car lease deals in the UK by trusted suppliers and partners, who have years of experience.

We specialise in bad credit car leases and we cover a wide range of makes and models all based on affordability and not your individual credit score.

We have included a range of example cars below that are on our current fleet, these vehicles do not have any prices or terms stated, as every application can be different, however, you assured that you will get some of the best bad credit lease deals in the United Kingdom.

Example Vehicles from Land Rover

Other Manufacturers Available

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Land Rover Bad Credit Car Deals
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VW Bad Credit Car Deals

Why don't you Display Prices?

Whilst it can be frustrating for our customers to see a vehicle and not know a price, this is because we work with a wide range of suppliers and funders who deal with bad credit car leasing.

They may offer exactly the same car, but the prices may differ from partner-to-partner. So we give examples of vehicles available on our bad credit fleet so you get an idea of what vehicles are on offer.

Many of the vehicles are available on a flexible car subscription, these are rolling monthly contracts that can be terminated by giving notice (differs according to the supplier). Some suppliers only offer short-term car leases, these are fixed contracts that cannot be terminated early without a penalty.