No Credit Check Car LeasinG

How it Works

When you need to lease a car or fan but you’re finding declines at every corner. With no credit or poor credit history, you worry that you will not get a car finance deal or that your choices will be limited.

There is a big difference between us and mainstream lenders…

Affordability and Stability Checks

We ignore your credit score and look at what you can afford, our experienced underwriters have years of experience in Non-status application whether it’s in your business or personal name.

No Credit Scoring

Don’t let your bad credit stop you from leasing a car or van, so long as you provide the documentation we ask for and we can show affordability, the chances of you driving away in a shiny new car is high!

High Acceptance Rate

It is important to realise that we still have to credit check you! This is for Anti-money laundering regulations and to comply with the FCA. However, we use bank statements and employee details to make an assessment.

Is acceptance guaranteed?

No, acceptance is not guaranteed. We need to assess each individual application and we have thresholds that we must meet to ensure that we’re not giving a car to someone who may default or cause any money issues, we also need to check that your at the addresses and workplaces you say you are.

Easy Application

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Previous Address (If Less than 5 years)

I declare that the information supplied on the credit proposal is true and correct. I authorise the funder to make a credit reference search, which will be recorded by the agency. I am aware that credit scoring may be used in the decision making process. I agree that the funder can, at any time, disclose details about the application, agreement and the conduct of the account to a licensed credit agency, or HP information Plc, or introducing Dealer/Broker for the purposes of: fraud/crime prevention, tracing customers and any other legitimate purpose. I also acknowledge that the funder may refuse to enter into this agreement without stating a reason. I understand and agree that any personal details contained within this credit application may be passed to any third party as part of the process and that the details provided will not be used for any direct marketing purposes.

No Credit Check Car Leasing

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No Credit Check Van Leasing

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