How Does It Work

No Credit Check Car Leasing

Let’s be totally clear… We CREDIT CHECK. However, we do this to verify your ID and not to get your Credit Score!

No Credit Score Lending

Our checks are based on affordability and stability checks, we need to know who you are, what you do to earn your money and that you are living in one place without multiple addresses.

If you have CCJ’s or IVA’s, you must meet our thresholds, if you are a discharged bankrupt, we need to make sure you won’t do it again.

We accept applications for all types of bad credit

We accept applications from ll types of customers with all types of bad credit, this includes CCJ’s, IVA’s and Bankruptcy.

We Do Not Use Credit Scoring Methods

When customers need to lease or subscribe to a car or van, but they have been declined elsewhere due to no or poor credit history, we offer an olive branch.

We are different from other car lease providers:

  • We only lease to individuals and businesses with bad credit
  • We lease and finance the vehicles ourselves
  • We do not use your credit score to make a decision
  • We use affordability based lending

Apply Online

Applying online takes no more than 5 minutes, once it has been received by our underwriters, additional information/documents will be requested, these can include, but not limited to:

If you refuse to provide the information, your application may be declined. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why dont you display prices for bad car lease deals

Why don’t you display prices?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to display prices on the cars displayed on our website. We’ve got nothing to hide, but because we work with

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What is the documentation fee?

What is the documentation fee?

We charge a documentation fee on all of our contracts, this is payable before the vehicle goes out and covers administration charges, processing costs and

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